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                            1 Use high quality raw materials

                            Using domestic high-quality hot melt adhesive particles as raw materials, the products produced have higher purity and better bonding performance.

                            2 Advanced processing technology

                            The "direct-injection" production equipment with the international advanced process concept is more uniform than the traditional swing equipment, and the peel strength is uniform.

                            3 Provide technical guidance

                            Provide reasonable solutions according to your products, and provide free samples, door-to-door guidance and other services.

                            4 Focus on the field for more than 20 years

                            The company is one of the early companies engaged in hot melt adhesive related fields, providing over-hot melt bonding solutions for many domestic and foreign companies.

                            5 Compound and adhesive processing

                            With related compound equipment, it can provide customers with related services such as product compounding and adhesive processing.

                            6 Efficient delivery speed

                            In-depth cooperation with a number of logistics companies, domestic delivery, South of China can arrange dedicated line transfer, the fastest day.

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                            Guangzhou Zanchen New Material Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer and exporter of TPU film manufacturers. Factories located in Huadu District of Guangzhou City, Xinhua Street, large cloth village official Lu Industrial Park. TPU, Chinese called thermoplastic polyurethane. Is a new type of environmentally friendly materials for the waterproof breathable fabric application of a major breakthrough, it overcomes the PVC and PU leather of many defects. It not only has most of the cha MORE


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